Firstly, may we congratulate you on your forthcoming wedding, now is the time you have been eagerly waiting for….It’s time to try wedding dresses on!!…eeeek! How exciting!  The best place to start is to pick up a copy of a latest wedding magazine for you to see which bridal designers you feel drawn towards and whose designs you love, but don’t forget to check the price range before visiting bridal shops just to make sure they are within the limit you have set for your gown.

Then have a look at the bridal designer’s website you will be able to see current collections and you can also check where your nearest stockist is for you to contact and make your appointment, ideally no earlier than 12months before your wedding is the best time to start trying gowns on, then you are choosing from the latest collection, you don’t want to be walking down the ailse in a gown that was soooo last season!

Designer Events are for brides who want to wear a gown by that designer, its also an opportunity for brides to see the latest designs whilst taking advantage of the on the day discounts that are offered by the designer to all brides who order at the event, the discount is not on offer outside of the event, so its really important that you are ready to order your gown as the events are by appointment and you don’t want to miss out on the discount or be taking the place of a bride that does want to take advantage of the very generous discount, due to this appointments go very quickly once the word gets out, so don’t delay if you tick all of the above!

SO ! Who is Sophia Tolli?  Well! Sophia Tolli is an award winning Australian designer, in fact Sophia has just won the very prestigious ‘DEBI’ award for collection of the year, which is an outstanding achievement, but when you see Sophia’s gowns you can see why the award is so well deserved. Sophia was born into a Greek family whilst growing up in Australia, within the Sophia Tolli collections there are gowns that can be worn anywhere around the world, suitable for all climates.  

Sophia Tolli was the head designer for the Maggie Sottero label for over ten years, due to the huge success of that label which was down to Sophia’s designs, the Sophia Tolli collection was created and since that day Sophia Tolli has become a world wide name for brides and a huge success and has never looked back. The gowns are made from the most finest fabrics and high quality embellishments with internal corsets that enhance your figure, they really are magic gowns, wish I could wear one every day, I’d never have another fat day again! Seriously if you’ve never tried a Sophia Tolli gown on, you will be amazed when you see how great your curves look whilst falling head over heels in love with her designs, they are truly special gowns.

The Fall 2015 Collection will be in our boutique for TWO DAYS ONLY! Save the dates…Friday 30th & Saturday 31st October 2015, appointments are limited so its advisable you call us on 01226 – 786527 to make your appointment, due to the exclusivity that each bride has of our boutique for their appointment, we can’t allow any browsing or see you if we are helping a bride choose her dream gown, please don’t take it personally but we really do spoil our brides which is why we dedicate our time and boutique to them for the duration of their appointment.

SO! If you love Sophia Tolli gowns and you’re ready to buy then this event is just for you, the very generous discount that is on offer is too good to miss along with our bridal goody bag, which is packed full of introductory discounts from our wedding industry friends, literally saving you £100’s off your wedding! Come along and preview the latest gowns in your VIP appointment, this is an experience you don’t want to miss, Simply Call 01226 786527 we can’t wait to meet you and show you the Fall 2015 Collection by Sophia Tolli…….please note for two days only our boutique will be a Sophia Tolli Heaven, every gown you see will be a Sophia Tolli gown, your only dilemma is…which one will you choose?  We will also have our Sophia Tolli gowns from previous collections too!

When: Friday 30th & Saturday 31st October 2015

Where: Elegance Bridal Studio, 2, Eastgate, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2EP

What to do: Call for an appointment asap, appointments are limited Tel: 01226 786527

What Next: Try to get some sleep, its an exciting event and you’re our VIP Elegance Bride…See you Soon, Julia x


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