It’s probably taken you months of research and valuable time spent finding the dress of your dreams, you may have spent a little more of your dress budget than you anticipated but HEY ! how many time’s have you had an idea of your budget in your mind, then to discover that the reality was a different price tag ?

This has happened to me too, but when you weigh up the fact that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, along with the added pressure of having all eyes on you, with your bridal gown being closely scrutinised and talked about, why would you run the risk of buying cheap accessories to be remembered for the wrong reasons ?

Now ! we understand how expensive wedding’s can be and yes you do need a budget but, it’s also important to allocate the right amount of your budget to the main parts of your wedding. Think of your wedding like a stage production, you choose the right stage setting with the leading woman & leading man being the star’s of the show, these really are the two people that audience have come to see, everything else is an added feature. Your audience is there to be entertained whilst admiring the beautiful costumes and sharing an enjoyable experience, which they will tell others about.

When buying your accessories you should never buy them blind, what we mean by that is you do need to be wearing your gown when you are selecting your accessories, ensuring that the quality of embellishments match the quality of your gown, this is the only way that you can guarantee you are not wasting any money. Our accessories are all individually hand picked to compliment each gown to ensure perfection, we can also have bespoke pieces made if we don’t stock exactly what you require, in fact there isn’t anything we can’t have made. From having your initials encrusted onto your veil with crystals or a unique hair accessory, we can do it !

So ! before you buy that £15 bargain veil off the internet or wear Aunty Sandra’s 35 year old tarnished tiara & yellowed veil, please pay close attention to your accessories, it’s like wearing a cheap pair of shoes with a designer dress, everyone notices and they will certainly tell everyone about it !

Don’t forget if you’re using a professional wedding photographer they will be using a expensive, high resolution camera, which will pick up on any differences in quality, it would be a shame to then have your attention drawn to this every time you re-live your wedding day looking at your album, what a nightmare that would be !

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s like to old saying goes ‘You really do get what you pay for’


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